Bye, bye Goodreads

You may have read that Amazon has gobbled up Goodreads, to mixed reactions.

As dealing with Amazon isn’t compatible with supporting independent bookshops, authors and publishers, I’m closing my Goodreads account tonight.

I stopped buying from Amazon a long time ago and don’t want to feed my reading habits and reviews directly to them. I wasn’t comfortable with the fact that book searches on Goodreads were driven by Amazon, but now that the acquisition is official, my brief foray into Goodreads (I think it has been a few months) is over.

I’ll stick to LibraryThing, Amazon. Yes, my reading habits are (partly) covered on my blog and at LibraryThing, but Amazon will have to do a little bit of work if they’d like to mine my data like a coal seam. I’m not going to give them the pick and lamp myself.

© JD Ellevsen

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