Journalists validate satirist’s research

mock-serious man smoking pipe
Horace Tweed-Bottomley

The shocking truth revealed: Man Booker prize judges favour middle-aged white male Oxford and Cambridge graduates

Today I spoke to our literary expert, Horace Tweed-Bottomley, about The Guardian’s charts on what it takes to win the Man Booker Prize. The Guardian’s statistics confirm the research in Horace’s own article from 27 August 2011, How to win the Booker prize (or at least get shortlisted).

“Well of course it’s rather jolly to have one’s own research validated, even if it has taken them over a year. I would have been even more impressed with their efforts had they included more charts on the winning formula for the content of the books, but that does involve reading them, you know. Peter Stothard informs me that only the judges do that, not journalists and certainly not book bloggers.

As an Oxbridge man I like nostalgic novels written by Oxbridge men for the Oxbridge men on the judging panel. Who doesn’t?”

© JD Ellevsen

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