Murphy’s laws of writing

  • frustrated writerGood ideas will come when you are in the shower and the pen and paper are well out of reach.
  • Creativity likes to play hide-and-seek. When you’re free to write, you’ll stare at the blank page and every start you make will be a bad one. When you’re hemmed in by your day job and in the middle of a mind-numbing task, the words will come.
  • The title you’ve settled on as so apt, so suited to your intentions and resonant with meaning, has already been taken.
  • Work that you’ve bled over, researched, drafted several times and ruthlessly edited will go unnoticed, whereas something that you knocked out quickly will be praised beyond its merits. Go figure.

Do you have your own Murphy’s laws of writing?

What tricks do you use to lift yourself over the hurdles?

One comment

  1. Haha, these are so true! Thankfully I have not yet had the pleasure of encountering the consequences of No. 3, but I have experienced the other three, particularly the second one! Oh that pesky muse.


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